By now, most poultry enthustast have heard about the American Serama.

You may have had the opportuinty to see one at a poultry show or soon will. 

The American Serama has been accepted by the American Bantam Association and the American Poultry Association.

They are the newest bantam to hit the American shores.

Let me tell you about this exciting breed. Seramas are the smallest and lightest bantam chicken in the world, orginating in Malaysia.

Seramas are unlike most poultry breeds, they are a vertical bird, not horizonal like we are accustomed to seeing.

They have a proud stature and hold their wings straight down and the chest is held high, well developed and full.

The first time I saw this little bird they reminded me of little soldiers.

Seramas have a very docile temperment, character is one of the outstanding assets of this breed.

They are not flighty and would be a ideal chicken for showmanship.

American breeders have succeded in developing a beautiful bird that is capable of breeding like offspring and correct color varieties.


Paradise Seramas

Owner: Dianne Brewer

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